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What’s The Difference Between Polishing & Buffing?

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Floor cleaning is essential to maintain the quality of your premises

Floors are an excellent choice for any commercial space. Concrete floors are long lasting, easy to clean, which makes them ideal for commercial spaces. You can easily change the type of flooring if you decide you would prefer another one; after all, there’s no need for an expensive removal since most floors have a concrete sub-floor underneath.

To keep your durable floors looking their best, hire professional concrete floor polishers.

Tile and Hardwood Floors polishers can remove stains from your concrete floors, which will make it look new again

Tile and Hardwood Floors last longer than any other type of flooring. But be careful not to let dirt get on the concrete floor. Concrete can be stained by liquids such as oil, grease, and paint Concrete flooring requires frequent cleaning. Sealing the concrete floor and applying a polish will help keep it clean.

Concrete floors can be stained by liquids. You can polish your floors before they’re finished, saving you the cost of having to pay for floor refinishing when the floors are already installed.

A good cleaner provides the best cleaning commercial services

You need to find the right cleaning solution. Knowing what needs to be used for your concrete flooring is a key part to maintaining its best appearance. Some concrete needs a special type of cleaning products. To remove the stains, you’ll need a maid cleaner that can break down the dirt and debris so that it can be easily removed from the flooring surface.

Depending on the type, size, and shape of the concrete floor, grinders may be used to polish it. You should ask the commercial office cleaning company to specify the type of equipment and products they will be using and the reasons why those are best for you.

Regular cleaning schedules help keep concrete floors clean

To keep polished concrete floors looking shiny, they require regular maintenance. Clean floors are expected in offices and hotels. In high-traffic areas, it can be challenging to maintain a clean and polished concrete floor if you do not consistently clean and polish it.

It is recommended that one polishes the concrete flooring every six months to two years. You should make sure that your facility looks well-maintained.

Concrete floor polishing keeps floors safe from slipping and sliding

Regular office cleaning and maintenance is important if you want to avoid serious issues arising from poor quality polished concrete. Polishing concrete keeps water from seeping inside. If concrete becomes wet, it will eventually begin to rot and crack.

These cracks can be hazardous to your health and safety. You should always ensure that your business has proper floor cleaning procedures in place.

Concrete floor polishing benefits include continuity across locations

You may have used different concrete floor polishers or you may be on various cleaning schedules, but it doesn’t matter because the process is the same. Flooring that appears more uniform can make your facility look better. If your facility has different kinds or types of flooring within it, and your concrete polishing service does not clean other kinds or types of floorings, then you may encounter some issues.

You can rest assured that if you hire The Montreal Commercial Cleaners in The Greater Montreal Area they can handle everything from cleaning up your office to building a new one. Our maids cleaners specialize in concrete polishing, and our team services the entire  Montreal,  Laval, North Shore, Longueuil, North Shore, Québec, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau, Ottawa and surrounding areas. The Montreal Commercial Cleaners can handle any number of locations. You should always get the best commercial office cleaning service available for your facility.

We’ve been providing commercial cleaning services since we started our business over 10 years ago. We can also polish and maintain hardwood floors, carpets, and tile. We can take care of any commercial office cleaning needs you may have.

Polishing is usually done by hand using a soft cloth or sponge, whereas buffing uses a harder material to remove scratches and scuffs. Both of them remove chips and pits from floors, and both require specialized machinery and care.

To determine if your floor needs buffing or polishing, call a professional cleaning company.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

The Montreal Commercial Cleaners is the best commercial cleaning company in  Montreal,  Laval, North Shore, Longueuil, North Shore, Québec, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau, Ottawa and surrounding areas. We can help you get started by providing you with a free quote.

Select The Montreal Commercial Cleaners if you want to get your floors looking great.

Make sure that a professional floor waxing service handles your floor wax needs. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean your floors, so you must choose a cleaner that won’t damage them.

Our maids cleaners provide an eco friendly approach to floor polishing. We begin our floor cleaning services by assessing the condition and cleanliness of your floor. We guarantee that our services will not harm your children, pets, and other residents in your house.

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

Our excellent floor waxing services are available at competitive prices. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve the appearance of your floors. Get affordable floor waxing services at a company that is reliable by using The Montreal Commercial Cleaners.

Get Your Floors Waxed Today

We will not only buff and polish your floors but we will also make sure that they look brand new for years to come. There are no worries about unwanted environmental side effects, because there are none. We’re committed to doing our part to be environmentally friendly and beneficial to the environment

Get in touch today!

There are two main types of floor polishes: buffing and polishing

Your flooring has a huge impact on the overall feel and look of your office and commercial space. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing the right type of flooring for your company. A clean, well-maintained floor creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages people to visit your business.

Our maids cleaners spend lots of time cleaning floors of all types to make them look like they’ve never been cleaned before. People often ask about the difference between buffing (or polishing) and waxing. While they may appear similar, there are some key differences.

Floor Buffing

Cleaning your floor with a buffing pad not only removes dirt but also restores its original shine. A floor polishing device uses a special polishing cloth to polish the floor’s surface. In order to create an even, flat surface, the process of stripping away the top layer of the flooring is called leveling.

Buffing your floors restores their appearance and makes them look shinier, but it does not achieve the same level of shine as polishing. You can buff by itself or follow it up with high-speed finishing for a shinier look.

Floor Polishing

After buffing, high-speed floor polishing creates a shiny finish. Buffing machines work at a slower speed than polishing machines but are generally used before polishing takes place. Burnishing is popular for its ability to achieve a very glossy, glass-like finish that appears very shiny and new.

Buffing and polishing can be used on any kind of floor, including stone, concrete and marble. The Montreal Commercial Cleaners specializes in floor-cleaning services for commercial spaces, including steam carpet cleaning, grouting, and tile cleaning.

You might be interested in finding specialized floor care for your business.

Contact us today to request a quote for our concrete polishing services in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Quebec City, Gatineau and Ottawa at very competitive prices. Schedule a free quote today, and enjoy clean and healthy offices tomorrow!

The Montreal Commercial Cleaners provides full custom commercial cleaning service delivered by highly trained, professional maids. We have been servicing The Great Montreal Area for over 15 years now. The commercial cleaning service covers offices, apartment & condo building, school, university, daycare, common area cleaning for apartment buildings, Warehouse, medical offices, hotel, Motel, Airbnb, bar, restaurant, kitchen, GYM, fitness clubs, salon, Spa, retail stores and car dealership of any size.

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What's The Difference Between Polishing & Buffing?
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