7 tips for cleaning your windows effortlessly and without leaving marks

7 tips for cleaning your windows effortlessly and without leaving marks

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How to clean outside windows?

  • Avoid sunny days

Wash during cool, cloudy weather so that exterior surfaces don’t dry out too quickly. Choose a cloudy day to wash exterior windows to avoid direct sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause the window cleaner to dry and leave streaks on your windows. Plus, it’s more convenient to spot streaks on the windows without the sunlight.

  • Prepare your window

Remove all window screens and clean them. Wash them thoroughly with a jet of water to remove dust and dirt. Remove the remaining water from the screens, wipe them with a clean cloth as best you can, and air dry them.

Before cleaning the windows, wash them with water. In this way, you will get rid of the first layers of dust and dirt. This will allow you to focus more on washing the dirtiest windows.

First, fill a bucket with pure water and a dose of liquid dishwashing detergent. Have another bucket filled with cold, potable tap water. Add a little liquid cleaning soap to the bucket water to make a window washing concoction.

  • Use a microfiber cloth

Dip a sponge or window cleaner into the bucket and wring it out. It is also recommended to clean with a soft microfiber cloth. You should wring out excess cleaning fluid well to reduce cleaning stains.

  • From outside to inside, from left to right

Clean the window by scrubbing it with the glass brush or cleaning sponge in all directions.

  • Use a squeegee

Clean the window with a squeegee by applying a thin layer of cleaner to one area of the window. Start at the top of the window, tilt the squeegee so the corner touches the glass and pull it down the glass to form a clean narrow vertical line along the edge of one side of the window. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the squeegee between uses and remove excess liquid.

  • Removing streaks from windows with newspaper

Remove leftover water droplets by using a clean, dry cloth. Newspaper also helps dry your windows.

Reattach screens on removed windows.

Special cleaning techniques

  • Washing with a telescopic pole

To clean inaccessible windows, use a telescopic pole. Using a glass brush attached to the pole, clean the window in all directions with soapy water, working from top to bottom. Then, attach a squeegee to the handle and drag it down the window, going in all directions and making sure all traces of water and soap are removed.

To clean multiple panes of glass, use a cloth and a custom squeegee. Scrub the windows with this sponge wet in clean tap water and cleaning fluid.

  • An effective product to remove stubborn stains

For the most difficult stains, first apply a detergent made of a mixture of water and vinegar.

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7 tips for cleaning your windows effortlessly and without leaving marks
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7 tips for cleaning your windows effortlessly and without leaving marks
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